About Me

     My name is Mike Wilson. Photography is not my life, but, it has always been one of  my passions. For more than 50 years I have been taking pictures with all types of cameras, from brownies to view cameras, from instamatics to DSLRs. I've had my own B+W darkroom, but now I work exclusively with digital media. Although the magic of seeing an image emerge on a blank sheet of paper in a darkroom is a moment that  every photo enthusiast should experience, It is difficult to maintain a darkroom. Dangerous chemicals, foul odors and hours in isolation and darkness are some of the issues to consider.  Digital photography is safe, less expensive, and  the photos can be manipulated in endless ways via a computer . I don't see any downside.

     From time to time I will alter my website with different pictures and themes. Hope you enjoy the journey!

Comments and questions?

Email me at mwilsonpix@yahoo.com

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